showering and other shit

Date: 8/21/2017

By oriondrums

i got a new job or something with one of my friends and the job required/encouraged that everyone shower at work, and the showers they had were like made in a grid: there would be a rectangle cut out for 2 people per shower stall, and the walls of the showers went up to our our necks, so we could see the heads of everybody else showering. when i showed up to the job or some shit, i met up with my friend and we were goofin off and shit and then we went to shower and we showered in the same stall. the thing is im a straight guy and she's a straight girl, but we aren't dating and i don't really have a crush on her. and in my dream it kinda stayed that way: nothing sexual happened, we were jus showering together. also while we were showering there was a girl a few stalls down that we were talking to and i wanted to mess with her so i told her i was from oklahoma. other shit happened and i ended up hanging out with friends, having really fun time, but leaving early cuz i was tired. then i remember falling asleep at the shore house then i remember waking up at a friends house and having all these sauces spices and old rotten vegetables to take home then i remember being at some huge trader joes type place and looking for food to fit on my diet. i ended up finding an leftover allulose bar a guy left on his plate and i was about to take a bite but then this guy yells "nope we're not finished with that" and stops me from eating it. i felt embarrassed