The Sun God

Date: 5/18/2017

By NightLight

There were 5 moons in the sky and they were all aligned. One of the moons even looked like it sat on the grass as me,my father and little cousins walked by. All of them shinned brighter then the next. Me and my father took off to our house declaring how safe it would be if we were inside our house. As we entered our house we heard chanting. We followed the chanting which lead us to my room. My door was slightly cracked open but it was just enough for us to see at least 10 hooded figures kneeling down in front of an Egyptian coffin. We hid in my brothers closet when they started to get up. After they left me and my father ran into the room and as I slowly advanced closer to the Egyptian coffin. there on the front was a black man with the head of a bird holding a staff. Above his head was a red circle which sat upon a snake. I immediately knew who this was. The hooded figures were prayer to the Egyptian God Ra. Out of nowhere the coffin started to shake and me and my father hid in my closet. He then told me to stay in the closet while he went out to fight off whatever was coming out the coffin. I begged him to stay but he didn't listen and he left me in the dark closet. I heard an earth shaking scream pierce through the air which hushed my breathing. The door to my closet was yanked open and there stood my "father" with a smile on his face. He held out his hand to me and said it was safe to come out but I knew this was not my father because the imposter acting as him began to have jerky and twitching movements as he held his hand out to me. I screamed no and my fathers face changed into a different mans face. I tried to close the door but just to my luck as I pulled back on the door,taking two steps back, I tripped over a toy fire truck. Doing this made me yelp out in surprise and let go of the door as I fell on my butt. The figure in front of me took this as his advantage and grabbed my leg. Next thing I know we were in a palace. Everything was gold expect for the floor that was made out of marble. Everything looked so ancient like what you would see if you were in a palace or castle. There was people wearing animal heads. They were sining and playing instruments. The animal/people were drinking and laughing and falling over each other. I laid on the floor unable to move. I screamed a few times but nobody seemed to care. Ra walked over to this animal/person thing that was playing on a black piano and explained how he was going to kill me but he quickly hushed himself. After about 5 seconds to think he said how he had changed his mind and wanted to make me one of his "special" girls. He pointed to his "special" women group, which were right to my left. The women were naked as they laid on each other looking exhausted. Their were eyes half open but none of them even moved a muscle. I would've thought they were dead if it weren't for me noticing that they were breathing. The only thing they wore was animals heads. Then that's when everyone in the room started to chant as they played loud music. Ra walked towards me but also taking off his clothes with each step he took. I felt like I could move but I couldn't. I knew what was going to happen if I didn't get up but my body wasn't obeying me. He was now hovering over me. I looked down at myself to see that I too was wearing no clothes. And before I knew he was slamming into me as my blood curdling screams sliced through the air. I passed out only to wake back up(still dreaming) and find myself in the same bed as my rapist. I went to sit up only to feel very nauseous and without warning I was jumping out of the bed and running to bathroom to throw up. As I left the bathroom I turned around only to see that I was now in a different room. This room was huge and filled with loads of people. All of them began to clap and cheer but I stood there confused not knowing what was going on until someone from the crowd screamed that I was pregnant. I looked down at myself and I couldn't believe my eyes. My stomach had gotten big in size and I felt something gently kick inside of it.