computer virus

Date: 9/27/2019

By chinone

my neighbours came over to my house to show off some new toy that works with the printer. i dont remember what it looked like but it was difficult and itd take a lot of time to set up. while thats happening, im on the computer next to them. i accidentally click on an advertisement while browsing the internet. it opens an uncloseable tab featuring a blue and white website titled "Tyson Hyndrome" or something similar i freak out, and unplug my computers socket completely before plugging it back in. i boot up my computer and everything seems fine.... until the uncloseable tab pops up again, now titled "Byon Byndrome", and says its deleted all of my files. i restart the computer again. im like full on crying and my neighbours dont care, they just apologise for taking so long with the printer toy that i definitely dont care about but my dream self says sorry for not being able to help anyway the computer is on and my desktop wallpaper is a crunched up gif of a guy smoking? for some reason i found this obscene and tried to cover it up im googling frantically what this "Hson Tyndrome" virus is and how to remove it but it only gives me pictures of vacuum cleaners im so stressed out about this i wake up with a headache