BTS at marks and Spencers

Date: 3/11/2021

By Jenna_Winters

OKAY! So I'm on a grassy bank and my whole entire family are there along with random people (not my real family but in the dream they were?) Anyway I get stuck talking to all my young cousins who are all under 15 and grotty and it sucks. Anyway bts are sat on a long conference table at the bottom of the bank and it's like a concert? Namjoon is like WHOS FROM ITALY WHOS FROM ENGLAND ayooo and bts think they're english idk? Anyway jimin gets up and they start singing a song I absolutely don't know and I'm confused as fuck. Time skip I'm in M&S pretending to look at the meat section. Jin is here!? I joke about me being a vegetarian. He laughs too. Maybe he's in love with me urgh. I say I hope the boys are happy and all smiles and he says "I'm smiling but sometimes it's a disguise behind the death, famine and decay" like okkaayyyy that's deep. And then that's it really...