Social nightmare

Date: 8/21/2017

By strangerdelaney

I was walking around the Montessori halls on a Friday night and I'm pretty sure I lived on the lower level of Montessori. I really wanted to just like be alone and watch a movie on this Friday night and I somehow bought a bag of skinny pop in the lobby. I walked by Jorja and Talya Mayman watching a movie in one of the classrooms which was weird and they also had skinny pop. Then in the hallway right in front of me I saw this huge group of NUin Greece kids sussin around and I was like fuuuuuc as I was walking down the hallway with my bag of popcorn. Also elias was in this group. It was mainly alphas and blondes and sam ostrowski and mondo called out to me and I was like hey. Me and this group were both headed towards the elevator and I was like nah I can't do an elevator ride with this many people right now so I pushed on like this emergency staircase jawn and started going down real quick. They all started following me down the stairs and ostrowski and Elias were in the front. Elias made some sort of joke about me being strong and I didn't really respond I just kept walking then really loudly to the whole group he said "honestly, fuck her these days."