Old job, new frustrations

Date: 9/15/2022

By Purple

In my dream, I worked as a secretary for the building manager of a school, a job I held about 30 years ago. The boss had gone for the weekend. It was Friday, about 3:40. I had to keep lying to people to tell them he was in a meeting and not sure when he will return. His office still had things in it, but it appeared as if he was moving to another office, and those items were just props. I was taking several messages from people who stopped by, and leaving them on post-it notes. One young man saw my old boss had some cat food packages and asked if he could borrow one. I said absolutely not. After several inquiries and me saying no each time, he did help himself to one of the two flavors. It got me angry. Internally, I debated where to keep the notes for Joe (old boss) to see them all, and some I left on the glass where I was writing on them, making sure I was getting phone number correct. I wrote the number 1 and noticed I had just made it to the edge of the paper and on the glass, so I continued on the next line, writing the number 1 again. I was writing notes to Joe for every person that came in. It was quite busy for a Friday afternoon. I realized I was able to read and write my notes without the need for glasses. I didn’t need glasses 30 years ago, but I do now. Rosa, the office cleaning lady came by, and she looked younger in my dream than I remembered her, though she was still gray and chubby. I smiled and said hello to her. I felt like a long time had lapsed since I saw her, but she acted like she had already seen me this week. Dream ends.