Stairway to hell

Date: 7/13/2017

By RoamingSpirit

Rumors about a "cult" guarding the entrance to Heaven in some high-tech building were circulating around the town. A couple of people, including me, snuck into the building. The cultists spotted us and were hunting us all over the place. One of the cultists told us how to open the entrance to Heaven and joined us. We entered and once inside, the doors closed and would only open once every member climbs down or up the stairs. The cultists couldn't open the door either, it would only open once we are gone. There was a staircase in front of us. One led up the other one down. The one leading down led into pitch black darkness and had creepy vibes about it. People started climbing. There was a counter above the staircase, showing who was accepted into heaven, the others were forcefully thrown into hell when they tried to climb the stairs. The people that started climbing heaven started floating at some point. I was very guarded and thought whether is smarter not to do it but I followed after all. After climbing for a while when you jump up you can fly. We wound up in what looked an amusement park, everyone was sitting on huge swings that reached the borders of the amusement park (the amusement park itself was on a hill, down there a vast city). Everyone laughed and felt at ease, and truth be told, suddenly I felt fulfilled and happy. I searched the place. The amusement park resembled a shopping mall with numerous shelves teeming with things. I realized those were the possessions of people and were based on their personality and most cherished memories. I remember this one guy who had shelves full of games. He was selling video games for a living. There was a PS10 on his shelves (A nightmare, I struggled to buy the 4 ;-;). Then the screen cut to another scene. Heaven doesn't look the same anymore. It is like a wasteland with a spot of grass here and then. All people are anorexic, barely have any energy, small. Extra slow titans were walking around, eating those they snatched. (Yes, Attack on Titan kind of titans). A narrator spoke and explained how heaven turned against humans and how *insert some demon name, I don't remember* for many generations to come will allow himself to outplay the humans many times more. Then somehow this turned to be something I was watching on my tv with some friend, the friend claiming that the people are rebelling against the government at the moment and that we should go take a look, so we did. The scene took place in front of the building from the beginning and we heard a bell noise from inside (Note: It was the same bell that I heard when we entered heaven and note 2: It was caused by my alarm that woke me up now)