repeating things

Date: 7/18/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

many things. many dreams because I kept asking up to pee. repeating themes regardless. I saw my grandma. the one who was NOT related by blood, but she was my grandma just the same. she was old and walked like she was sore, but she was dressed nice. ready for a party. I was on a boat. one so large that I never even saw the water. I had to go down a narrow flight of stairs to fuel it and the captain was having an attitude because he thought I was trying to take over. this dream also had me fighting against super mutants who kept trying to drop fat man bombs on me, but I managed to drive them away. I woke up and the next dream also had a barbecue. I was walking along the street on Clovis where my mom and brothers house used to be close to and I was meeting someone out there, trying to get to my brothers old house. I saw a pick up truck with a corpse hanging limp out of the passenger window and as I was walking also saw first the shadow of, then an actual grasshopper. I was walking along a fence to get to the party and I lost my balance a fell backwards into a gross mud puddle that made me have to change my clothes. I was angry, but I did not rage outwardly. I asked my mom where my clean clothing was at And was worried that I did not have enough clean clothes. woke up again to pee. final dream was also a barbecue I was trying to attend. kids were playing basketball (2 times tonight, basketball, and barbecue) but the way in was not a driveway. it was a ramp that had been removed and I had to climb in. it was difficult and I never actually made it to the party. I talked to Carrie for a bit and asked about Cesar. these are the things that I recall.