Out of town

Date: 6/19/2017

By breeziestbrian

I went out of town with Ryan Richardson. He was working in intercity mall. I disnt know what his job was. When I get to the mall with him. He reveals to me that he was working in a hair salon in the mall. I was to be his spotter. A spotter is a person who advertises the store out in the malls halls. Kind of a mascot without a costume. I wanted a razor to get a clean shave. So that if I have to advertise this salon at least I was properly shaven for it. Once in the men's bathroom. When I'm almost done shaving my hair. The mirror turns into a window. Which reveals a salon filled with girls. My razor was now broken and I needed to complete my hair cut. I see a pink razor in the sink in front of me and look at the girls on the other side of the window. Then nod at me approvingly and I continue to shave my head with the razor that feels as given to me. Once I completed shaving my head. I see Rhyan Tourout. It's been several years since we hung out. I tell him about my spotter position with my other friend I originally came up with. He kind of chuckles. And for some reason we agree to go get high. Before we get to the roof and gentleman in a suit stops Rhyan and tells him that he's is being considered for the job. He agrees politely and we continue to the roof of the mall where we went to go smoke a joint. Once we were done getting high. And we enter the malls main hallway. The person in a suit stops Rhyan again and says he's. Is ready for an interview. We laugh at the hilarity of the situation and Rhyan refuses to go through the interview in his current condition. I tell him I have something to do and he should follow. I'll tell him it won't be long. I walk in front of my other friends salon. Where I continue to yell COME AND GET YOUR HAIRCUT. HERE IS. NICE PLACE TO GET YOUR HAIRCUT. Just to make it look like I've been advertising it all night. Once I do that once. Me and Rhyan head out to the other end of the mall to continue hanging out for. Good time