A lesson learned about intuition

Date: 4/3/2017

By jjakejjones

In reality, I follow a semi-famous (300k followers on instagram for perspective) on social media. In my dream, this person was telling me a story about a guy that ran into her and she was telling the story as if she was kind of making fun of him, not in a mean way or anything but for sake to make the story entertaining to the listener, a playful manner. During the story she mentioned he then said, "oh wow, aren't you so and so from Instagram?" and was about to carry on with the story. I got a strong intuition this was the real reason she told the story. It wasn't to tell me about some funny story about something silly a guy did, but to express her yearning to communicate her being recognized and the feelings accompanied by that without coming off sounding arrogant if she were to say this straight up. I recognized this (well-my dream did) and interrupted her and asked how that felt when he recognized her. She paused, and had a feeling of excitement and completely stopped the story to go on to talk about that feeling. The takeaway from this dream is that often peoples real motives for what they say or do is between the lines and not always direct. The more you can recognize what people's real motives are, the more you can connect with them on a deeper level.