Work Yoga

Date: 1/23/2019

By LilaLockhart

I get off a bus with some work colleagues. We're going to a nearby yoga class. I go back onto the bus to grab a half empty packet of cat food that I left there. We enter the yoga studio and people go to get changed. I realize I've forgotten my yoga clothes, then looked down to see I was wearing my sloppy, dirty house clothes. I looked awful (I think I felt embarrassed too), but at least they would be more comfortable than work clothes to exercise in. (Possibly same dream...) We're in the toilets / change room. I'm feeling uncomfortable, socially on the fringe, while my colleagues are chatting. I'm awkward and out of place. At some point I go to the toilet. It hasn't been flushed, so I flush it and then do my business. When I go to flush it again, it blocks and overflows. I have to explain the situation to my colleagues and feel self-conscious.