Elecmon Recolour Inbound?

Date: 8/21/2017

By therealcharioteermode

It was a weird dream all round. One moment I was watching a PhillyBeatzU video about Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon CoroCoro leaks, and the next moment I had a copy of V-Jump (Shounen Jump?) in my hands. It had a large spread on Digimon, and I vaguely recall seeing Raguelmon. There was an entire page dedicated to Elecmon, except that was not the given romanization. At first I thought it was written as 'Guilmon', but on closer examination I saw the name as 'Culmon'. Despite how preposterous the dream was, I didn't bother doing a reality check. #Digimon #MeicoomonObsession #YouTube #PokeTubers #USUM