Date: 7/8/2017

By justhannah

So I start off with my mom and little brother in this line waiting for materials or tools or ifk something and she hands me this gas tank that's literally floating like a balloon with a string attached to it. Like what. LOLOL. So we have this guy there and he said he would give us a ride to help us find our car. Idek. So we walk and ik getting mad for no reason so we reach his car. My brother and mom get in his car and I stomp off with my mom yelling at me to get back or I'll be in trouble. But I keep walking anyways in the direction I think the car is. And this guys car follows me. Eventually my mom get out the car and walks with me. The guy disappears. We get to this lady's house where my dad has done a job which I don't want to go in. It's like I didn't want to talk to or meet any new people at all while in this dream. Later on we go in the house and the lady is nice and everyhting saying my dad did a good job fixed the pipes in the house and whatever. So then is switched and now my mom and brother are gone and I'm sitting on these steps of a house with my dad. And he starts telling me how he cheated on my mom. And suddenly he's in a robe an some weird lady who I think is supposed to be pretty shoes up also in a robe and she looks like a painting or cartoon. I don't I can't explain it and I got so mad at my dad. And mom for forgiving him the first time he cheated and now he was cheating again basically throughout this whole dream I was mad.