Hunger Games in PE

Date: 7/1/2017

By Nepetas_Legion

I was in gym class, and for the activity that we were doing we essentially had a hunger games match. We were allowed to get in groups of up to four people who would win if we were the last people standing. A bunch of Nerf guns were scattered around the room (which had turned into a forest), and if you were lucky enough to grab one you could shoot someone and eliminate them from the match. Later they allowed people to use these cards as shurikens to eliminate people as well. At first I went solo, partially because I'm socially awkward and partially because I figured I would fare better without having to worry about teammates. I actually did pretty well. I pretty much just sprinted around behind the people with Nerf guns so they either wouldn't see me or they'd have to waste time turning around and aiming, which at that point I'd be gone already. People were dropping left and right, but so far, no one had actually put up much of an effort to eliminate me. My gym teacher was pretty surprised since I wasn't in a team. As more people started to drop, I started to realize that if I were to do this solo, I'd either get targeted by a group of people or I'd have to eliminate someone in order to win, and I had no weapons to speak of. Luckily, there was a group of three people still standing, and I could tell that they had had their eye on me the entire game. I reluctantly decided to join their group, which consisted of this cocky dude from my Biomed class, a guy who could turn into a golden retriever for some reason, and another guy that I knew nothing about. From what I remember, only the cocky guy had a gun, so he was in charge of eliminating people. Unfortunately we quickly split up when we were attacked by another group, so I was on my own again until the near the end of the game. I decided to lie low until most of the people had been eliminated before meeting back up with my group if they survived. It eventually got to the point where all I knew was that there were three people left including me. I had no idea who was left, for all I knew my whole team was dead. I decided to scout around to try and see who was left. As soon as I left my hiding spot, I noticed a shadow in the distance. It noticed me too, and started running in my direction. I panicked and tried to crawl back into my hidey-hole, but I didn't make it far before I was dragged out by a golden retriever. Turns out my entire team wasn't dead! Together we searched for the last person, who was luckily another teammate. We realized that we had won the game, and we were transported to a set of bleachers in front of a giant sign displaying our rankings. The cocky guy got first with 50 points, even though he had been eliminated. I got second with 40 points, and the golden retriever guy got third with 44 points. He technically should've been second place cuz he had more points than me, but that points system was really screwed up so honestly I'm not surprised.