Dream Notes

Date: 7/29/2017

By toxxicduck

Just gathering my thoughts and hoping for insight or something. Most the time when I lucid dream, I fly through the sky as if I have a jet pack. When I do this the sky becomes crazy stormy and I have no idea why. But I can feel the wind and cold as if I am there. I also seem to be very capable of killing people when lucid dreaming, like I just do it and it's exhilarating, but I never get the chance to actually think about what I am doing. I realized lately that in many of my dreams, the people in them know what's going on in the dream before I do. They'll look scared or nervous or sad and then a scary, tense, or sad thing will happen. So I just forget why they look that way, or does my dream mind have plans for my dream already and they just show through? I have way too many dreams where guys are kissing me or touching me, men I do not have feelings for irl, boys DO do like irl, and also complete made up people I've never met before, but RARELY my own boyfriend. They also rarely become erotic. I feel it must be because I am autistic and hate touching but my body still wants it so makes up for it in dreams or something? Or I am just hopelessly romantic.