daedra garlic

Date: 2/10/2017

By lucid Bushugi

i was in the lunchroom and this hagraven was selling daedra garlic. I bought one for 11$ and I thought to myself how she just ripped me off. I went to give her the money where the rest of the garlic was and I took a bunch of them and started running, she tried scratching me but I ran out of the lunch room and towards the exit in front of the auditorium. I was throwing the garlic at the security guards. the principal was shaking students hands and I ran and shook his hand, I said go fuck yourself and I ran outside. that girl with the blonde highlights was behind me and supposedly we had a thing going. she ran to the bus stop saying she didn't want anything to do with this. but me and a few others ran after her. I was running on all four limbs and I got to her first and I kissed her. it was an amazing kiss, she turned into my friend yoda mid kiss (not from star wars)