Date: 2/12/2019

By hayleesvendsen

I was getting ready to chill with Kaiden and I was wearing jeans and cardigan. We went to his house but it looked way different and his room was upstairs. We were chillin in his bed and his mum came him and he started cleaning his room like he was hiding something but she doesn’t even care. She came and sat beside me on the edge of the bed didn’t say a word just kinda stared into the closet. I felt cold so I was looking for like a hoodie then I fell asleep I guess cuz I woke up to looking at his snap story of me sleeping with this random old guy beside me talking to me. So weird. I ran outside and ended up in sun valley or Emerson school watching some kind of concert. After the concert was done I saw Natasha and cocoa but I felt high. She asked me what grade I was in and stuff and then I saw like kane and brandy. I looked down and what I was wearing and I was wearing a skirt with a hoodie and no jeans or cardigan so I was freaking out and thought I got rapped lol. Kaiden was tryna text me something but it wouldn’t send. I had to go change out of my hoodie cuz I was super hot. I walked to the washroom but for some reason I felt super uncomfortable. Like I went into one but the door wouldn’t lock and all the other ones were creepy weird and had one Barbie head doll in them. I went back out and everyone already left I was trying to run away from the school without anyone seeing me cuz I thought I was doing something bad. It was pouring rain and I was wearing no shirt. There were parts of the outside school where it looked super weird then other parts pretty idk. I found my own car so I got in it but still felt high and stated driving. A tow truck or Plow idk was driving beside me and flipped over on its side like on purpose I couldn’t even believe it. Then my car started driving backwards in drive and forwards in reverse. I got home and went to my mums bed and woke up to Cheryl from river dale choking me.