Polka-dotted Invisibility Jeans

Date: 5/19/2017

By FruityNutFlakes

The dream started with laps around the track. I ran until my field of vision blurred into the scene I was on the ground in my house. There was my sister in front of me and showed me an off hand gesture. I asked her if she could see me and she said "kinda." I was an bit perplexed but i realized that I had pants that made the bottom half of my body transparent with splotches of polka-dots scattered all over the pants. I walked to the front door where my lucid technique kicked in. I placed my right two fingers into my left, only to ignite my conscious in my dream. I now was aware about everything around me so I walked outside and explored the world. Outside, I was jumping around my neighborhood. I went along Lampson and my friend(D) with his mom in a white Dodge. The car went past and disappeared into the distance. I then jumped to the park where I observed all the detail around me. I noticed that the park was flooded at least 6 feet high. There were kids on the very top of the playground who tried stay away from the water. In an instant, the water dissipated and then I was in a classroom. It looked like everyone was about to take a test. For no good reason, I ran straight to the door when my teacher turned her back at me. Once again as I jumped, I saw my no non-existent bottom half in the mirror on the wall. As I heard the shouts of classroom fade behind me, I struggled to scuttle jump to the top of the nearest house.