The Guild of Advertising Mascots vs. The Camel Lord

Date: 11/13/2016

By figen

I'm on the beach. Everyone else from school is there too. We are all on the shoreline, and it's raining. Waves are crashing into the shore, and a teacher says we all should leave because it's too dangerous. A giant wave comes and runs into all of is. It is so big it hits the side of the dock and turns around. The current pulls us in a little bit. We are all able to get off. I don't remember anything after the beach, but I know it's the next day, and we are back at the beach. The sun is out this time, and lots of people are outside. There are giant blue slides, and some other bright colored slides. I remember getting on one and having lots of fun riding down into the water. I do this for a few days, but I never remember going home, it just felt like days. I'm walking on the shoreline, and see an old brown house. There is an old man behind me and he refers to the house as some Italian name. We go inside and see a device connected to a computer. He tells me about how it can induce some hypnotic state that is useful somehow. Just then a sort of yellow camel thing comes out from another room. For some reason I think he is a Pokemon. I don't really remember what he said, but I got the idea that he was evil, and the old man left or disappeared. The camel made me put on the device, and stare at the computer. I don't know what happened, but I was really tired and staring at the computer for a long time. I guess the idea was that I was hypnotized. Eventually CinnaMon, the Applejacks cereal mascot came in, and put the device on the camel. He had 2 giant crayola crayons, and put the camel in a hypnotic state where he has to peel off the wrappings on the side, where it says the color and has the logo and everything. Then he told me when it was over, he would think the crayons had come alive and that they would start screaming at him. I laughed. We left that place, and the next day, I was in a spaceship parking lot on a different planet. It was nighttime. I was in a spaceship with CinnaMon, and Apple, the other Applejacks mascot, AND Finn the goldfish cracker mascot. There was also 2 other people there. I think one of them looked kind of like an inflated white disposable glove with a face. And the other one was some kind of furry large brown humanoid thing. So everyone in the spaceship was some kind of guild or something, and now I was part of it. I looked out the window, and a police officer was going up to a small gumball type vending machine with a key. She opened it from the top, and pulled down the glass front. There were tons of purple and gray jawbreakers that fell out. Lots of people started coming and taking them all. The police officer seemed to be okay with this. Cinnamon was on the phone, so I opened the door and ran to get some. I started going for some, and the police officer said that if you find a miniature sandwich on the ground, you win a special prize. I found something that looked like a miniature burrito. I asked "Is this it?" The police officer nodded and told me I won a guidebook on something with a weird name. I looked through it, and realized, it was talking about the thing that camel was doing with the hypnotism helmet and everything. I realized this was very important to us, the guild was based around doing things with the hypnotism helmet. I tried to get a jawbreaker but they are all gone. Somehow, I put the guidebook into my phone digitally so I can get it out more easily if I need to.But then, Apple grabs my phone, and gets on a nearby motorcycle. I try to chase after him, but it goes through a portal and disappears. I turn around, and police officers are about to attack me, since I look like I was attacking Apple. I have a police baton for some reason. And I charge one standing at the front of a store. He gives me a well placed shot once in the head, and I fall over. I wake up in a field, the brown monster is there. I know this place is our guild's home planet. The information Apple stole was really important, and I realize I've had my backpack on the entire time. I go through it, and at the front pouch, my phone is there. I said "I guess Apple changed his mind." I said. There are stairs leading up to a boardwalk. I know this is the way to get to our guild base. And we have to get the information from my phone to our base. I walk up the stairs with the brown thing and see Finn there, and there is a plastic turtle that seems to be alive. I pick it up, but then everything starts to turn gray and staticky. I hear Finn say something about how (some weird name) was using the device I had on earlier to track me and stop me from getting the information. He's talking about the camel guy. I try to move, but I fall over, paralyzed. The hand balloon thing starts dragging me across the boardwalk. I'm really concerned about losing the plastic turtle for some reason. We get to a small bridge, leading into a white room. I almost fall off the bridge, and have lost the turtle. I'm Trying to find him anywhere, but I can't. Then we get into the white room, where everyone from the guild now is. I see the plastic turtle walking around, and am relieved. I stop being paralyzed, and everything is normal. CinnaMon tells me that apple just turned evil for a few minutes. He jokingly shoves Apple, who looks ashamed. We get out the guidebook and the dream ends.