Young love and possession

Date: 4/25/2017

By MysterSky8

I remember being this young girl who lived with her mom. Her mom was kinda strange though, I remember we had all this food but it was spoiled and roaches everywhere hid behind the food out of sight. Her mom was all about appearances. Everything could look nice and neat, but behind laid dirtiness and roaches. Also, this girl had 3 close male friends. It was kinda like an otome game in the fact that it seemed she had 3 love interest. She was particularity close to the guy who reminds me of a fox, who always kept his eyes closed. I remember something brief, there are flashes of this woman who looks the Japanese idol, Hatsune Miku, and she is like a dark spirit of sorts. At first she always appears behind the mom and later I find out it's a family curse of sorts and she (the spirit) will overtake females in the line and possess them, and often will commit horrible and cruel acts. After being overtaken, a lot of people are in this air balloon or sorts, and I'm the reason why many of them die, I had something to do with the crashing of this air balloon. My friends live, but I think the trust is broken. This older man later sees me at school and he instantly knows kind of what is going on with the possession and helps me by getting some type of lightening or thinning done to the hair to keep the spirit at bay, and it apparently works. There is this time skip, everyone looks older, maybe they are in high school. She gets close to the fox guy again. He even runs an errand for her. My grandpa, Poppy made this ridiculous demand, were he bought me a drink or something and said it was okay, then wanted me to pay back. Fox guy is given a debit card by my uncle Rustin and he picks wayy to much stuff to give back to my grandpa lol, and he rekindles his relationship with the girl. I'd like to think it was building to romance, but, she gets sad because miku is coming back and she doesn't want to hurt him. I don't really remember what happens after. I have this barely brief memory of before the girl got possessed, one of my superiors at work was taking blood samples, but the tube was freaking huge. He wanted blood from my whole group. One of the guys, I can remember who went first. I don't remember actually giving blood myself though. I wrote this dream in a rush since I waited an hour before I wrote it down.