Drake Bell for Mayor

Date: 9/18/2019

By ilcbidpi

My brother was having a birthday party, and there was a contest that was like a scavenger hunt. If you won, you’d get to meet Drake. My brother was supposed to win first, but I ended up winning. I said “is it Drake Bell??” And Drake and Josh popped out of nowhere and took pictures with me. After that, Drake and Josh went to join the crowd of the party. My brother won next and met Drake the rapper and took pictures with him. Then Drake the rapper left, and I regretted not taking a picture with him because then I could have put both pictures on my Instagram with the caption “Drake & Drake”. Then I left the party. I came back a while later and ran into Drake and Josh. Drake was wearing a tan suit and a cowboy hat, so I asked what happened. He said that he’s the mayor now. He said he ran into the mayor at the party, and the mayor said he saw a light within him, and that he had to let him be mayor. So now Drake Bell was mayor. The end