How I Socialize

Date: 7/27/2017

By 938Milred

I had a birthday party and invited a lot of people. (About 9 people from my grade) We split up into 3 groups in the mountain forest. Whoever found the coolest view would win. Our group only found lame trees. I got a text from someone from the other group saying "look! We won!" There was a gorgeous picture of a lake with pink, forest-covered mountains surrounding it. I was a little jealous, but I eventually spotted in the distance a glowing blue waterfall coming out from a mountain and a glowing ice rink placed in front in front. It was spectacular. ---------------------- I'm at home, and there were a bunch of little girls in a closet. They all hugged each other. The one of the little girls (my 5 year old cousin) turned around and hugged me. I nearly cried of joy. --------------------- I was in my room and a lesbian couple was kissing outside of my window. I wasn't really upset; I just assumed I was in Canada. There was also a gay boy peering through my window with his boyfriend. One of them came into my house and said he needed my help. He told me to grab a box to give to his boyfriend. I found something better: a glass vase. Suddenly they both ended up in my room. I tried to hide them there so my dad wouldn't know I have 2 strangers in the house. --------------------- I was playing a game called survivor. Everyone is against each other. If you hit someone, they are out. If they catch the ball, then you're out. Some girl came after me with the ball. She stood over me. I had my hands out to catch it. She threw, I caught. I was ready to hit someone. I threw a nice curve ball close the the ground, but some girl reached down and actually caught it... --------------------- An old friend came over and she told me about how we have a Bio final on Monday - the first day of school; she's really stressed out. I ask her, "Is tomorrow Monday?" And she responds, "Yes." And now I'M really stressed out. I get my study materials out and we study together for a while. She says "I like adidas, looking at my folder." (Because, when I dream, adidas now makes school supplies). -------------------- I wake up, forget half of my dream and only write down the things I remember.