In Which Fidget Spinners Do Nothing to Reduce Stress 🚗

Date: 5/25/2017

By brookethegreat

I was at an outdoor festival/ block party kind of thing with a bunch of church friends. We decided to go somewhere afterwards - a theme park maybe? As soon as we decided that and worked out carpooling, it became like the Sims 3 when a club closes and you can't control your sims, they're suddenly compelled to go to the lobby of the building, even if they were already outside, and it's a really obnoxious feature... Anyway we all left the party area and went to the parking lot. But we didn't have 1-year old Ellie. Someone else was holding her when it turned into the Sims. So I paused to locate Ellie, and she was on the opposite side of the party, off the lot, inside a building. I was frustrated because I couldn't figure out how to get her to us. I couldn't sim-control the guy holding her, I couldn't get someone from our group into the building, and I could control Ellie, but toddler sims can't do much. Somehow we figured it out. Cut scene. It wasn't the Sims anymore and we were on the interstate on the way to the theme park (?). I was in the car with a friend, Mary, who happened to be a very nervous driver. Suddenly these little fidget spinner drones (how 2017 is that) flew in front of us and freaked her out. She braked, skidded out of our lane, turned the car around and stopped just to see who was responsible. I was pretty terrified and upset with her at this point. I tried to stay calm and respectfully offer to take over driving. She was too focused on the spinner drones to listen. All the other traffic on the road had stopped too - it wasn't even a pileup, it was just that no one really cared about getting where they were going or HOW AN INTERSTATE WORKS apparently. There weren't that many cars - maybe five. All but one of them were part of our group. People start getting out of their cars and chit-chatting. My friend marches over to the car behind us (in front of us actually, since she TURNED THE CAR AROUND), that wasn't part of our group to confront them about the spinner drones. They get out of their car and it turns out it's a couple of guys she knows and it was a lighthearted prank and she laughs and they laugh and it's all cool. So we all get back in our cars and keep driving, but then a giant gate up ahead suddenly blocks off the rest of the road and we have to figure out another route.