Falling in rivers

Date: 4/6/2017

By alirowbotham

Last night I had a dream that featured two, very fast flowing rivers that posed a threat to me. They were separate dreams set in different locations and with different people, however one followed immediately on from the other. In the first past it was set 'in the past'. It wasn't a specific time period, but people were dressed very old fashioned and there was no technology. I was in a rush to get back home to my (fictional) village. I was running from what felt like danger but without it being an immediate threat. There was a very fast flowing and rocky river next to me with deep blue water, and I kept veering towards it whilst running until I eventually fell in. There was a young boy riding his bike along the river, and he stopped and helped me out. Later on in the dream it turned out that this boy was my son. Cut to the next scene and it's modern day as I'm wearing modern clothes and had an iPhone. I'm now in what appears to be a jungle/mountainous area. I'm very high up and there are lots of very unstable looking bridges, and below is again a very fast moving, rocky, dark blue river. As I'm walking across the bridges I keep slipping and almost falling in, I drop lots of things in the water. Then at the end of one of the bridges a man appears and picks me up and carries me to shelter. He was big, strong, and slightly older than me. I got the feeling he was a romantic protecting figure in my dream, despite there being no romantic elements. That's where both the journey and the dream ended.