Alien didn't want to be disturbed

Date: 7/17/2017

By GiantFlag

It all started with 4 explorers that were meant to explore some places in the ocean. But not long after leaving the ship all the land and surface including the ship were gone and the water froze and it got even colder to the point that we (the explorers) had to hide from the sudden cold behind something (can't recall what it was maybe some parts from the ship or something). After we successfuly hid from the cold it seemed that the world started to lag and there was these tiny bugs as in we would be in a video game. The bugs (the people around me started to move slower and some parts of the land or water disappeard for awhile and then reappeard). The problems seemed to get bigger as we approached some island but they didn't let us go even when we supposedly left and went back home. I felt that I'm the only one who's time wasn't slowed down as I saw that the other people around felt disturbed but they acted like they don't really notice that. Then I found some information (I assumed everything) about some alien forms that might change our perception of reality. I really felt that the alien not only wanted us to stay away but now he/they wanted to take away our world and I was the only one from the explorers that did know that. Next scene: we, the explorers (me, my brother and my younger sister) are at home watching TV when suddenly the time felt as it was going super slow for everyone except me. When this happened I only felt slight discomfort. I know that the alien was around. I went out from the house and saw a huge white mist on to the horizon as if the world wasn't finished loading the sky and land. The mist went away gradually when I started to walk around. I seemed to be pissed and went straight to the alien who suddenly lived in our neighbors property but It seemed to me like it was the same mysterious island. Next thing I know I saw this little guy who was tall enough to reach my belly. He was the classic grey alien you'd see in movies but I saw him a bit blurred and I felt that he tried to disguise himself but It didn't work on me again.