Rock climbing and big cats

Date: 4/13/2017

By Purple

In my dream, people were rock climbing in various distances from where my perspective was. Each location I focused on, the clouds opened up and revealed the sun shining on that particular mountain or precipice. My perspective was also from a height advantage, but I don't recall how I got there. It was most likely by hiking, which is my personal preference of exploring heights. I suddenly saw a large cat, like a female tiger. I was in awe and a little frightened, but glad I had large chunks of meat with me. I threw it at a distance and the beautiful beast was eating it. Then another large cat appeared, then a male lion appeared. All told, there were three or four large cats around. I had meat, but not sure how long my supply will last to keep me safe from being eaten myself. I broke the meat off in smaller and smaller chunks and threw the meat at farther distances from me to distract the cats from getting closer to me. I also made sure to keep feeding each cat away from the other, to avoid confrontation between the animals. I was still at a height advantage and they were lower, on the foot of the small mountain I was on.