Sea monster (may be kraken)

Date: 4/3/2017

By ash_gui

I have beautiful house at beach. I have to meet my girlfriend's father today. There is a 4 foot boundary wall before beach. And gate like opening after every few meters. I saw a ship attacked by a giant octopus like creature. Also there were many other small monsters (size of a car). They might be baby of the bigger monster. They 🔥 at monster with big gun. Ship destroyed and monster left. A man from ship came to me with a baby girl. He said she is your daughter. Our job was to deliver it. I took the girl and i was standing in my balcony. I saw small monster attacked something behind the wall. I ran towards it and saw a baby boy. I saved the boy somehow and came home. Suddenly my GF's father came and he got angry because I already have 2 kids and still wanna marry their daughter. I said they are adopted...