what even was that dream

Date: 4/23/2017

By maddieb

well it all started with my mum bringing me home some clothes from a op shop (thrift store). I put it all on my bed and went and did something. later I came back had a look at them. I was holding a pair of jeans and I felt things in the pocket. I pulled everything out and it was all money. it looked like a 5 a 20 and a 50 but later I the dream I could see more 50 dollar notes. I keeper looking in the pants and more money keeps coming out of every pair of pants . I can't remember anything else coming out of the pockets other than a really old phone. it was a touch screen and was running the second or third version of android. then for some reason I was on a trip to the bush. I don't know who I was with but apparently they were from my school. it was for some kind of educational and fun learning experience. you would go from one show to another but it was unexpected. you would just be wondering around and a performer would jump out. some how we found out it was a trap and the whole bush was on fire. we escaped to the entrance of the Bush and we could see fire fighter's on there way when they got out they had police uniforms on. they were nice and said they where going to help us but then there was a giant turtle thing and it has a strange white metal leaver attached to its foot. they said it the leaver gets pulled they put us in the fire and then they pulled it. next I was at school and I went to our lockers. I couldn't access it from the way I normally get in because they were rebuilding so I took the back way through the canteen. I find my friends and we go to the gym. that was also being rebuilt so it was missing the stage that we have and the room next to it didn't have a door but only a white towel with a cut through the middle. we went and and told someone what happened. then my friends saw the guys who they think are hot and left. that's all I can remember..