Digital art 4k scene from a movie: As the two year old baby in the car ride from Vågslid got sick and vomited a yellow-white cream-like substance, the person sitting behind them couldn't help but feel their feet become an unintended target.

babyer i bil spydde på foten min.

Date: 8/30/2019

By monjanse

vi satt bak i bil fra vågslid. gutten på to år spydde gulhvit kremespye på føttene mine fordi jeg ikke klarte å trekke til meg beina.

AI generated interpretation I will provide an analysis and interpretation of the dream based on the information provided. Dreams often reflect our subconscious thoughts, emotions, and desires. In this dream, the setting of being in a car and traveling from Vågslid suggests a sense of transition or journey in your life. The presence of a two-year-old boy could symbolize innocence, purity, or a new aspect of yourself that is emerging or needs nurturing. The act of the baby vomiting yellowish-white creamy substance on your feet may represent feelings of discomfort, vulnerability, or being overwhelmed in a situation where you are unable to protect yourself or set boundaries. The feet in dreams often symbolize our foundation, stability, and ability to move forward in life. The fact that you were unable to pull your feet back could indicate a sense of being stuck or unable to take control in a challenging or unexpected situation. The act of the baby vomiting on your feet could also symbolize a need for emotional cleansing or releasing pent-up emotions that are weighing you down. It may suggest a need to address unresolved issues or confront difficult feelings that are hindering your progress. Overall, this dream may be a reflection of your inner conflicts, anxieties, or feelings of being overwhelmed in a situation where you feel unprotected or vulnerable. It could be a signal for you to pay attention to your emotional well-being, set boundaries, and address any unresolved issues that are holding you back in your waking life.