Near runaway bride

Date: 2/18/2019

By GullibleFreckle

I was about to marry brad (my ex) or Nate (my husband). It went back and forth but mostly brad. It was held at a basement that walked out to a lake. I wore a short white sundress and sunglasses. I was hot and sweaty. For some reason my sister was planning/hosting the wedding and people kept thinking it was her wedding. Andy was a groomsmen and a friend told him to talk to me. He pulled me aside and I though he was going to tell me not to get married and to marry him. I felt desperate and very emotional. I forget what he said. I get upset and tell him what I wanted him to say. He was caught off guard and didn’t say anything. I got pulled away to the wedding. I walked down the aisle smiling. Babies (I kept think one was my rl daughter) kept getting in the way as we walked. I get to the end where I find my daughter Nora. A girl is visibly upset talking to my groom (brad). She takes a rock and smashes a window causing the basement to flood. There are large waves going over our heads. I can’t swim because I have Nora in my arms. I’m trying to get Nora above the water as I slip under. That’s all I remember.