Date: 8/7/2017

By keulisi__

We all went to a place, we were going to go to the dorms, but my shoe got slippery and I couldn't control a guy called for me, the teacher left me. This guy was the son of the owner of the place, he told me why I was running crazy and can't control myself, the owner went to the son and said he needed to turn on something, the place was scary, like a demon world. When the owner left the son took me to go somewhere else, he took me outside, we tried to find the way in without the owner knowing idk y, we got in and I pretended to be the clothes person fixing things, then we both got in, we wondered around and went through every place, then we discovered the bathroom, I wanted to get out but then son locked the door, he wanted me to stay with him. I tried opening the door and it worked, he was chasing me now, I didn't want to stay with him forever, cause in this dream I was in love with someone, I tried to kill myself which worked and he went away, after that my mom came wearing red. It felt so flipping real, I almost cried afterwards.