Date: 1/16/2017

By bananabread

The dream began with me hanging out with Lindsey, we were just chilling in my room at first but then we went to Walmart. There we saw Cameron and Sam(The one in a wheelchair) despite not really knowing either of them we talked and skateboarded around with them. After that we were back in my room, Lindsey became Elizabeth but they were interchangeable in the moment. We made out a bit then began to cuddle but I quickly felt the urge to orgasm out of nowhere so backed off, becoming slightly lucid knowing I don't want to cause a mess in bed. We were back at Walmart and saw my dad buying allot of soda. Lindsey and I then went to a college, apparently there were super good parties there, we watched a trailer sort of but then we were in a Mathematics class for fun. For fun I started to talk in a country accent, Lindsey interchangeably became Marlene. The girl in front of me turn around and told me she didn't like my hair and I should cut it. The professor started a Kahoot like game where you quickly add number together as. class, I was awful but the actual students killed it. After the class the teacher had a giant spread of food for everyone, I grabbed a gluten free muffin and bagel with stuff in side. As I walked into a chair it became my WHAP class, Lindsey sitting in front to the left of me, on a journal she was writing a paper titled "Formula for my best moments in life" she caught my looking and said I can't. Then it became our Algebra 2 class and. We had a sub and filled out papers we had missing. All in all I had a great time, makes me very interested in pursuing Lindsey.