Winchester Threesome

Date: 2/5/2017

By SelvJes

The only thing I remember clearly is me laying in the middle of Sam and Dean Winchester. I rolled over so that now I was on top of Sam. Sam kissed me and removed his shirt and he touched me all over. Dean didn't seem to mind us at all, he was watching tv. I should also mention we were at a motel. My only guess is that we were probably on a hunt(I have dreams of going on hunts with Sam and Dean all the time because I'm obsessed) Sam exchanged positions with me so now he was on top of me. I looked up at him and then Dean who was now removing his shirt. Dean started kissing me and then I kissed Sam and then they kissed each other. I was taken aback by this... they're freaking brothersss. I woke up because that wasn't what I wanted. I just thought it's kinda funny how Sam and I started making out and Dean was just watching tv next to us.