Job: Torturer

Date: 6/21/2017

By hazel_tree

I had a job that required me to hunt down specific individuals and torture them either fast or slow per the request of my boss. Some of these people had families and they begged me not to take their loved ones away, but I had no choice. I was signed on by a contract with consequences that apparently scared me enough into doing what I was told. The people I captured would be strapped to a machine that did most of the work, such as splitting them in half or electrifying them. Sometimes the orders required me to step in and kill them myself, but I also got secrets and other things out of them as well. The last guy I strapped to the machine I felt bad for after hearing his story, so I granted him one last drink of choice. He wanted some kind of vodka, so we drank it together. He ended up drinking most of the bottle since I wasn't allowed to get drunk on the job. I felt bad for splitting him in two, but there wasn't anything I could do.