Am I missing the details?

Date: 2/27/2017

By Cohbria

It took place in my home town and my work place. My work place was different. I was like a precinct you would see off SVU. It had a lunch room like a hospital and I giant TV. I doing desk work and working on the computer. A coworker, Ben , would come shoot the shit with me. I don't remember what we talked about. My other coworker said that talking was distracting me too much and I had to get ack to work. Ben would still find his way over to me and there were times I didn't notice. He took pictures. One he showed me. He took a picture of me sitting at my desk and I was barefoot. He jokingly gave me shit for getting comfy. I was in the lunch room. Yogurt with strawberries and shrimp sounded good. And I knew I would look weird if I ate that. Then I saw short cakes and I was going to make one. They were only packaged with other bakery items like pie. I ended up just getting a bowl of yogurt. Ben was in the room fixing the tv or the mount for the tv. He came over to talk to me and I just played my DS. I was walking home with a few other people on 17th street. Before we reached the 1st ave intersection we found something. There was an indentation in the earth. There were two smart phones, a small cheap handheld video camera, and a voice recorder. We talked about calling it in but we didn't. We continued walking, at the intersection there were a bunch of empty milk cartoons. The ones that you would get in high school. The first thing that popped in my head was A Clockwork Orange. At some point I was making out with an androgynous figure, it was almost a shade of a person. When I rubbed between their legs I still couldn't tell, it was like they had both. The second time I did the same thing but this time male genitalia was most prominent. The shade morphed into Ben and then I left.