Put porn on a pub tv for my birthday party

Date: 3/31/2019

By levinelover

There was a little girl who had a very rare kind of berry in her genetics. She was one of a kind. She had two friends one was normal and one also had rare DNA. She committed some sort of crime and her dad knew about it. She was contemplating framing the DNA of her unique friend cause he’d get found right away, but decided not too. I had a huge massive room luxurious with a short mini stage on the floor. I took a Snapchat story almost commenting I can’t wait to have my own house with rooms like this but just took a picture of my mess saying I hate having to clean my mess. I took the video from the mini stage. Dalway walked into the room while I was sleeping on my side in bed and saw my thong booty. He closed the door, and came back later. Then he came back when I was awake and cleaning and said we had to move everything out of the room beside the door. I said “what the fuck why” and he said “cause you didn’t listen and do it within two hours”. I was at a bar and the bartender said he was gonna give me two beers for 10$ with one being normal and one being 3% I thought he was ripping me off. He said he was how drunk I was earlier and wanted me to be able to keep it under control, I didn’t even try to fight him on it for more alcohol cause I know how lightweight I get I searched “porn” on the music video tv. I was putting on music videos like a Rihanna music video that showed detailed boobs and even a completely naked girl. When the guy chose a song I was so grateful he searched it in a different way where he didn’t see my search history or I would’ve gotten kicked out. Even though the party was happening for MY birthday, so it was supposed to be about me and me having fun. As he was choosing the fully naked girl came on screen and spooked him, also bothering many of the others there who didn’t realize there was so much porn in the video before. Then a man did at interview with a naked girl who had clothes on but her parts were all showing and he said your skirt is too high btw at the end of the interview and she was humiliated.