The worst nightmare I've had

Date: 7/13/2017

By MarlenePsychom

It's very early in the morning right now and I just woke up from this dream.So I was watching YouTube in my room(was watching TheGabbieShow,more specifically,a video of her and Liza Koshy reacting to selfies Gabbie took that Shows a lot of her cleavage) and my mom starts yelling saying somebody tried to steal her plants.Then a truck pulls up where her plants are and a little boy comes out and takes one.My mom goes running outside and stops them.Then a man comes out of the truck and pulls out a paint ball gun and starts shooting at the little boy and the kid runs away.Btw,Im watching all of this through the window by my room.Then the man pulls out a chainsaw and tries to kill my mom with it.My dad then goes and yells at the man and the man goes away.My dad takes the chainsaw and goes towards my mom.I go outside and start yelling at my dad "Stop it!!You love her!! We all love her!! Stop!!" And my mom was cornered and she was just there screaming.I turn around and the screaming stopped.I then looked at my dad and asked in Spanish "What are they going to do if I tell" and my dad replies in Spanish and says "Me llevan al centro" which means "They'll take me to the center" I'm pretty sure that means the court house that in the center of the city I live.Then I go inside and my siblings are in my room and I tell them "Moms dead" and they all start asking questions like "What?" "Why" "How" then I debated whether to call 911 or not to because I don't want my dad to get arrested.I thought to myself "Can I TEXT 911?" And I remember specifically thinking to myself "This is not a dream" I decided not the call and once again,I start watching youtube.And as I am,I get a notification that Liza Koshy uploaded and I remember the title of the video,it was "Makeup Tips With Liza" Right after this whole dream ended,I remember thinking "That was a terrible dream,I should think of something happier" and then the next shot is Shane Dawson and TheGabbieShow in a car ordering McDonalds in the Drive-Thru.Shane had rotisserie chicken and rice and ordered a quarter pounder.I remember both of them talking about how McDonalds should make chicken and rice 😂