Escaping the bowl

Date: 8/3/2019

By Aler

I am in a safe but oppressive society. A colony, possibly on an alien planet, is surrounded by a steep sided ramp. My friend Amy suggests we escape. With great effort we climb the steep sides of the bowl, and we’re able to see the entire society below us. At the top of the bowl, we find a wall and a 30ft vertical drop. We can’t get down. However, we also see signs of human life. Some tents and a table. Someone working in a garden. We call out, and they agree to help. We open a window in the wall, and the people below toss up a rope with instructions on fastening it to the wall. It’s attached to a sling I can use to lower myself down. As I start to do so, I see Amy being taken by corrections workers from inside. I tell her to come with me, but she hesitates. Even though this was her idea, she can’t leave. I escape, but she tosses down her bag with supplies for the people outside the wall. When I touch the ground, I hear cheers from outside and on the wall. Not everyone inside is happy with the status quo. I collapse to the reddish earth and cry. I promise Amy that she’ll have another chance. I wake up. I guess I dreamed a YA novel.