Date: 6/9/2017

By Fitful

I was living in a castle, in just one lovely room, but I was being thrown out. It wasn't really due to anything, the guy just got really tired of renting to me. Didn't like me, I was unlikable. He came up with a list and just said get out. Said I had two weeks but it was really not true, she started packing my things for me, not very gently. I began packing everything. The shelf was the worst of it, lots of old broken things all over it, lots of broken glass. I securely put away two nice sets of chip sticks, and those little chopstick holders, which reminded me of my mom. Other things too. I didn't really focus on the rejection, I was too scared, but I packed successfully. I was moving to pack the rest of the room. There was a cupboard under the three stairs which led to the door. It was very small, I didn't expect to find d much of my stuff in there, but I opened it, and another door was there. I managed to break through that, and I found a very poisonous snake guarding something. I call a female to help me, she was scares witless by what was in there. I didn't see what I was the snake was guarding, but it scared her so much she closed both doors, bricked up the thing with pastel colored Legos, and a dinosaur to hold it shut. And magick. And she still couldn't tell me what it was through the fear. I found d a bunch of my stiff which needed cleaned and throw it all I a pot. Then, afraid i would melt something I raced to take it all out but found it was just clothes. I was washing whites, but there was some white and color things. I grabbed at the stuff which looked like ti had been bled correct on to, some of my favorite shirts ( not real irl) and I the worst stain came from red lipstick. I managed to scrub it off with a special scrub pad. I was kicked out as soon as possible. It was sad, I packed up all my things, then realize I had no where to go. I didn't have enough money saved to even get another room. I thought about going to my Aunt in Oregon but realized it would destroy the symmetry of coming to New York. I still didn't know where I was going to go, but I realized i felt happy for some reason. Scars out of my mind but happy. The room had been a burden and I was finally gone. I felt light and realized I needed the change of venue, I needed to go. I gotten stuck in a groove, a rut, and it wad finally time to be done.