shrek, eggs, and running

Date: 7/4/2019

By eggmus

i was putting on a production of shrek with my family... i was trying to make a shrek cake with this lady first and she had this really specific idea to have fiona posed and singing the way fairy godmother is during i need a hero and she asked me to find a picture of fiona doing it but i couldn’t so i went upstairs and the musical was going on it was my number and i had to do improv and i was fiona so i put on a beautiful solo and busted out some crazy dance moves and ended it with something heartwarming about shrek and then crawled into bed, transitioned into another dream there was this big room with chairs and tables everywhere and i think it was like post prom with all three highschools in my district and they made you find a chair and sit under it but mine was so friggin uncomfortable and then suddenly it was like the same setup but we were outside in tuxedos and there was like an egg race going on and my friend clay next to me had a bunch of eggs and was like throwing them at the leader guy and this contestant who kept throwing them back and the leader got mad at the contestant for throwing and this crazy farm guy who’s obsessed with egg throwing showed up in an old car and was gonna throw one but didn’t, everyone left so we had to follow kinda close behind; they wanted to do a 10k and have all the students involved and for some reason we were all in PJs and my pants kept sagging so i wanted to go change into my compression shorts but i couldn’t, i had a previous dream where we had to run through stores i think and instead of doing it like that we went through them to get to the site, then there was a water park kinda place and there was tube racing as part of the 10k i think and i helped someone’s mom fransfer the tubes and put them in the right number places, specifically number 8