Reunion Cannabalism

Date: 5/29/2017

By Madds

I am at Will's family reunion party seeing people slide off a cliff side into a river through his Snapchat story. I am then myself again and walk away and try to go up the mountainside before dark/ before the homeless pair follow me (I'm homeless?) I am following this tour guide that's going to lead me and someone else to the bathroom while also trying to escape the homeless people that followed us. We get to this circular platform that's above swampy water where the guide says people dump bodies/ there are alligators? The tour guide goes into the bathroom and leaves me with the homeless pair and the person who came with me, apparently this intense gothish girl. The homeless people start to get weird and say things about cannibalism. The platform turns into a weird balance/spin by thing like from national treasure 2. And the four of us are all turning against each other. The other three are trying to be the main cannibal and eat the rest of us, I'm just trying to stay alive. Somehow there's a bunch of blood but no one gets hurt? Guide finally gets out of the John and I think the homeless people go away. The three of us walk down the path to the other platform where apparently the girls bathroom is and it's nicer, and now we're kind of on a ykey summer camp thing. The girl and I go to the bathroom separately and clean up the blood? I start arguing with her and blaming her bc she tried to kill me and everyone else in the camp that was in the bathroom started getting mad at me for blaming her and saying it wasn't her fault it was actually mine. Wtf? Fools.