Serial killer

Date: 9/7/2019

By pretzeling

I was going to a Goodwill. In there, I found an old book about women’s health studies that was published in 1930, but apparently used in high school classrooms until 2003. I was disappointed because a teacher had gone through with white out to get rid of stuff that was egregiously inaccurate or offensive. But there was stuff left in that was pretty non scientific and quaint, like how a woman will always find herself wanting chocolate during “that time of month.” I also found an anthology of scary stories that included the “Girl with the Green Ribbon.” I also found an anime girl head. There were rumors running around the store of a serial killer in my city who had killed multiple people. They’d slammed one person’s head onto an outdoor grill until their face melted, and I think killed another person with a knife. The store was about to close when a guy walked in. He was an old friend that I don’t talk to anymore. He was being rude and made some sort of awful jokes to the Goodwill attendant. I think some jokes about sexual assault. I told him he was being disgusting for doing that right after meeting someone and it showed that he wasn’t really joking. I was afraid he’d be mad so I ran into my car and drove away. My sister’s friend M was in the car and I was driving really badly. I was missing entire turns and skidding everywhere. I blamed it on fog and said it was “thick as pea soup!!” but that was an exaggeration. Eventually I crashed the car into a house party. There, I encountered the old friend again. He had a gun and shot me in the leg. I was running/flying fast through the house and trying to keep my leg elevated. I kept screaming to call 911. Eventually I got to a dead end room and he followed me in. He threw away the gun and started fighting me bare knuckle. We were being held up by a pillar of people. I was begging people for help but I think no one wanted to because of the bystander affect. I remember doing awful shit like jabbing my fingers into his eyes and mouth and we were spitting on each other. I tried to fuck up his throat with my hand and the pillar fell. I realized he was on the floor and not breathing. We could hear a police helicopter and sirens. Now I was in trouble. I tried doing CPR on him but it was like doing CPR on an empty shampoo bottle. I tried to get someone else to take over when I got tired but they were doing it totally wrong.