Restroom dilemmas

Date: 3/27/2021

By Purple

In my dream I was waiting outside a public restroom for nearly 10 minutes when I realized it was a multi-stall bathroom and pushed the door to enter. Nobody was inside. Each stall was filthy, but they progressed from most filthy to least filthy as I inspected each one after being unsatisfied with the previous one. The one I really wanted to use, though, was the filthiest, yet seemed appealing because it was the biggest stall...or so I thought at first. The floor around the bowl had a standing water puddle that was in the shape of a rectangle around the perimeter of the bowl. I decided to clean up the least filthy stall and use that one. But the scene changed and I was on the filthiest bowl when others came in to the restroom. It turned out that the low seat I was on wasn’t in a stall at all, and I was exposed for anyone to see if they walked in. Suddenly, the restroom became very crowded. Thankfully nobody seemed to notice me or make a big deal if they had. Two women approached me and one of them asked if I would be willing to be her reading buddy. She mentioned the book and appeared super excited about it. But I simply didn’t have time, using the excuse of the other books I’m reading with others during the week. She was disappointed but then I recommended some book clubs she can look into online. I was on the bowl while spoken to and was self conscious of wiping and pulling up my pants. The lady assured me nobody was looking. A quick glance around confirmed that. There were women everywhere, seemingly acting as if it was as casual as a coffee shop and not as reserved as a restroom. But I was still self conscious as I was there to poop and wound up getting the complete opposite of privacy.