Date: 1/27/2017

By Aznlollipop

I was in a classroom with other people, listening to the teacher. Everyone started murmuring and talking about something, but I was trying to focus on the lesson. A friend of mine then comes up to me and drops a folded piece of lined paper on my desk. She says that I might want to see this. I open the letter and see that the first line is filled and then comes a few shorter sentences. The paper essentially says that this person (in the form of "I") likes my ex and how adorable and tall and whatever (qualities) he is. Obviously, I go and decipher the handwriting. At first, I thought that it looked like my best friend's handwriting, but then with a closer look decide against it. After a few more guesses and examining, I come to the conclusion that the handwriting belonged to this girl named "Cat" (Ariana Grande's character from Victorious). I get a little fire inside of me, but then want to know why. I go into an abandoned building with high beams. A few other people are there and somehow something causes a commotion and we start fighting or pushing each other around. I end up on the floor and someone yells, "Hey! HEY! Be careful! Look out!" I look up and see that one of the longer support beams is about to crash down. I quickly get up and start running left (away from the dropping support beam). I dive towards the ground as the support beam collapses to the floor a few feet in front of me. Skip to the scene of the dance. The dance is held in the abandoned building, but everything is spruced up with dorm lights, spotlights, a stage, microphone, and small room trees. A girl that I know is singing up there and has a really beautiful voice. Her song is song is slightly slow, but not too much. I see Cat in the middle of the room, listening to the person singing. I go up to her and tell her, "I know it's you." She looks slightly embarrassed but then owns it and says yeah, I do like him. I pull her aside and tell her, "You need to tell him how you feel about him!" She starts to wriggle away and scream that it isn't that easy and it is very scary. I grab a hold of her wrist and spin her towards me. I shout back, "I know it is difficult! Trust me, I really do know! I've done it before with him and it is really scary! But we were together then for three months before everything started catching up to us! If you don't tell him, you'll regret it. If he reciprocates your feelings then great! If he doesn't, then that's okay too because you'll finally know and you'll be able to move on from all of this!" She stops trying to wriggle away and stands there, defeated. I tell her that if she wants to be with him, then she is going to have to stop doing the clawing thing with her hand. That it hurts and no one likes that. She nods. The party is cleared and the lights and all still on. Half of the room is lit while the other half is still pretty dark. I see his silhouette leaning against the tree. I can barely see his features. I pause and wonder if I should talk to him, but then decide against it. I find a stairwell and go upstairs. The stairs leads me to my own house and I go to the kitchen to wash some dishes. A small container of something sticky sits on the windowsill. The container is closed. I think will he come up? Will he somehow appear and talk or kiss me? But do I really want that? Ultimately, I don't. I realize that I don't want any of that. It feels a little odd now since he is what I wanted for a very long time. But, I smile, as the emotional uplift frees and lightens my soul. I nod and smile and I wake up.