The Young Mermen

Date: 4/28/2019

By 1kralph_13

I grew up in a navy field where I leaned to how to defend and they were obsessed with mermaids and finding them because the found me by the ocean but didn’t like it but I had 2 best friends there and we all grew up there they like it but I wanted to go somewhere else so one night I ran away they tried to hunt me down but I got away I stole a boat and drifted away I was all alone in the middle of the ocean I saw something move in the water in was long in bad arms and a fin I thought I was hallucinating but she popped out of the water and told me that she was my mother I past out and woke up on a beach and I thought I was dreaming but she was right beside me and she told me a story about why she gave me away I told her I loved her and asked if I’m gonna be like her she said yes you will I was shock and I took my satellite phone and call my friends Jamie and Carl and I told them the story and they believe me and I sent them a photo of me and my mom but the captain had found us and he kidnaped my mom and they were going to take her back to the back to the field and were going to show her to the world so they can make money off her they left me on the island I was scared but some how I had wet fet and hands were like fins so I swam as fast as I could to catch up to the ship I reached the ship but I wasn’t trying to get on the ship I was trying to get to the field before they do they tried to stop me but shooting at me but I dogged them I got to the field and I told my friends and they helped me to get my mom back so we defeated the captain and I went back to sea to live with my mom and I would visit my friends anytime.