We almost had sex!! 😜

Date: 3/21/2017

By madnewman13😼

My crush and I were at school just doing whatever. Then suddenly out of nowhere I when we were walking up the stair well, I realized I was dreaming! "Oh sweet! Oh wait... NO NOO NOOOO!" I woke up cos I got really exited. But then I went back into the dream! So, YEAHHH! So since I was lucid dreaming and with my crush, I hadn't had a sex dream in a while, so I was going to ask him if he wanted to have sex with me, but before I did he randomly pulled down his pants and showed his dick. He started whipping it around. I stared at it... Then at him... 😳 So I guess that was just a little out of nowhere... So then he took me into the bathroom which strangely was for boys and girls, and took me in a stall, and started to rapidly kiss me. Then I looked up while this was happening at this girl probably in first grade was peering over the stall next to us, just staring! So we decided to move somewhere else. Through many attempts to try to have sex, we went to my house and layers on my bed and fell asleep together. IT WAS REALLY NICE BUT WE DIDN'T GET TO HAVE SEX! 😫