Offense is a good psychosis

Date: 7/21/2017

By postdreamkid

High school age, my pov, played an emotional game of basketball (L-Flat?) crossed with social deduction. C getting incredibly angry and sad. I threw a gallon of blue water at N's head but turns out he was on my team at that point so people laughed at me and J was like "there was absolutely no need" and that hurt coming from him and immediately I was like "why would you say that kind of thing?" voice shaking, on the edge of tears. But as we headed back to class, I was mindful of the story I told myself and I knew I would forgive J. On the way back, B with a mix of D gave me a weird smile that I found attractive and gleaned from it that he had won the game. Back in the classroom, brownhaired girl like Bella (I'm going to forget these initials) was talking to Ceci, the emotional one. Ceci returned to her boyfriend in the classroom (or was it her brother?) and was telling him about the basketball game (Low-top? she called it). She kept saying something about Spaghetti-Os and Thomas was asking what was wrong and if she was okay and she was so upset she left the room. Bella consoled Thomas about how the game was played in C major and how that made the offense win pretty easily. She's a finance major and she mentioned how in tomorrow's game of some finance stuff, she thought how lucky it was for these two girls (who I'm pretty sure don't exist) to play offensively in an F major key. "So I can see why offense is a good psychosis."