Spying on the government-run meat making facility

Date: 7/12/2017

By jevan

so the squad was me, Leah, Homer and Marge Simpson, Leonardo Dicaprio, some girl from buzzfeed, and my old supervisor from work. We snuck into this top-secret government-run place. We had to swim there because it was surrounded by water. Once we got there Homer uncovered lots of useless junk which somehow helped. Then we found this garbage crusher with meat in. and it was quite deep but we didn't sink into it. For some reason, I turned it on and all of our ankles are now dented. Leah was moaning about her skull now being dented even though that wasn't possible. Then they decided to escape. It cutaway to me inside the base with the buzzfeed girl. We were running through trying to find some evidence of the illegal meat crusher. Then we come across the person in charge of the base and i smother him with a pillow so we can get ahead. He catches up when we get outside and now all the water has drained away and I briefly see Leo scoot away down the sewer pipe on a hoverboard. We go to the meat crusher and can't tell if our friends have been crushed to death because its hard to distinguish the meats. We are pretty upset. There are no hoverboards left so we have to run to the edge of the base to the fence to get one of the hundreds of bikes that are locked up. The terrain is now deep gravel so its hard to run and the evil guy is catching up. He is now shouting at us and boasting that its summer and he has made two meals with passata... i get to a yellow bike and from nowhere whip out some garden shears to cut the bikelock. He's still taunting the other girl who is a lot slower. he is now inbetween us on the fence and i pin him down hold the shears to his throat to threaten him but then I spare his life as I realize that our crimes haven't been that bad thus far and why make it a lot worse in some hollywood bullshit ending. Then we make off into the sewer in search for our friends.