sleep paralysis; my frequent visitor

Date: 2/10/2017

By innsaei

Across the house from my bedroom is a straight view into my step daughters room. In these dreams i am always aware that i am having a nightmare. I am dreaming that i am asleep in my own bed , bedroom door open. I hear footsteps throughout the house although i am alone. (Still dreaming) i sit up in my bed to see what is going on..i see it, the distorted human shape made of black matter.. it has visited me many times. Never once non threatening. Thsi time, it is peeking and hiding behind my step daughters door. It knows i can see it. I can not move or speak as it turns into the doorway facing me. It's fingers long and sharp.. it slowly starts approaching me as i can still do nothing. It speeds up until it is right infront of my face. Finally, i am able to break the paralysis and yell "GET OUT!" At the same time I am woken by the sound of myself actually saying those words.