The Mostly Jewish Talent Show of Sorts with Sarah Silverman and Adam Sandler Cameos

Date: 7/25/2017

By fluffytree

I just remember being at some nightly talent show type event where I'm in a room full of people watching kids go up and do various presentations on whatever. I'm in back standing against the wall and can't remember them all but do distinctly recall when one kid went up, unbuckled his belt and I'm like, 'Is he gonna pee all over the stage as his "talent?" ' but no, instead he does some kinda quick trick with his belt and then reads something in Jewish from the inside of his belt he must've written earlier. I didn't understand it but all the people in the room who were Jewish did. Also Adam Sandler was standing next to me and was smiling while saying, "Ahh didn't see it goin' there but that's sweet." Whatever it meant must've been super touching cos his mom was crying tears of joy and pride. When he got off then Sarah Silverman comes up and gives a funny little speech while interspersing more Jewish sayings that I don't understand. And at the very end she tells us to stand in the same tongue (I think it's Hebrew?) but almost no one understands except the few from before. I deduced what she was saying but felt awkward standing alone since I wasn't sure. Finally she says, "That means STAND for the benediction guys c'mon." We do so, she prays and that's it. I wake up shortly after that.